- Story 3 - Microsoft Surface Studio The desk that became an entire studio.

A bold, brilliant and graphical tour de force, Surface Studio sets pulses racing from the very first moment.

Ideas as words and images leap out at you thanks to the huge, true-to-life 28” PixelSense™ screen. Such a striking display of talent and rapid app integration is made possible by a powerful NVIDIA® GeForce® dGPU and Intel® Core™ processors.

Yet the incredibly small footprint Surface Studio is very much about transformation. Through its central protagonist – the Zero Gravity Hinge – we witness an effortless shift from drafting table style mode to upright studio mode and back again.

 A captivating experience with breath-taking outcomes.

- Story 3 - Microsoft Surface Studio Government

The Surface Studio isn’t usually the type of device we would need. However, increasingly we are asked to present big ideas to any number of ministers and civil servants. The fact that my teams can quickly draft a presentation and spin the Studio around to demonstrate their thoughts is very powerful.
UK Government Department

- Story 3 - Microsoft Surface Studio Healthcare

Reviewing patient notes with students and colleagues on the large Surface Studio screen means we can take decisions much faster than before. The great thing is that this isn’t just a fancy screen. It’s a really powerful computer that allows us to work with multiple large image files at the same time.
Hospital IT Director

- Story 3 - Microsoft Surface Studio Retailers

This is the device that everyone wants to get their hands on at work. We use several on the shop floor to advertise the latest deals. But at the end of the day we can just take them down and use them as computers in the office. The Surface Studio’s touchscreen and the fact it takes up next to no room on the desk are an added bonus.
Head of Retail Store Technology

- Story 3 - Microsoft Surface Studio Education

Flipping from flat, draught mode to upright, studio mode is ground-breaking for us. It means both students and staff can paint or sketch their ideas but quickly show what they’ve been doing, get feedback and then work on the changes right there and then. The power is incredible so it’s not just a glorified big screen – it’s our go-to device in many of our classes.
Education IT Leader

- Story 3 - Microsoft Surface Studio Financial Services

We held a client showcase recently using the Surface Studio. To say they were gobsmacked would be an understatement. Because of the app integration, we were able to quickly pull up lots of imagery and data and then present it back to them. The touchscreen made this super-simple and the brilliant 13.5 million pixel screen just blew them away.
Finance Manager

- Story 3 - Microsoft Surface Studio Manufacturers

It’s like the Surface Studio was designed just for me. I save so much time because now I don’t have to transfer my designs from paper or another device onto a big screen. I can paint, draw and edit all in one place either with the Pen or just by touch. The PixelSense™ screen is ridiculously true-to-life and I can quickly flip it up to show my colleagues what I have been working on. Ten out of ten!
Manufacturing Designer
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